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Looking to update your knowledge, develop a healthy new habit or learn a new skill? The Learning and Wellbeing Project has you covered. Our activities, exercises and questionnaires were designed to foster a variety of skills and habits proven to increase your success at school and enhance your wellbeing.  There are lots of ways to get started. Find a skill you would like to learn or master, or take a  questionnaire and learn something about yourself. 

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Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and keep up to date with new articles and quizzes each week. Ask us a question or sign up for our newsletter and learn what we are learning about. Join us for the Friday Afternoon Seminars, during the school year, where we demonstrate one of the dozens of effective skills to manage stress, increase success at school and improve your wellbeing.  It’s a great way to finish the week and one of the easiest ways to learn a new skill.  

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We answer questions on learning and wellbeing every week.

Update your knowledge

One of the easiest ways to update your knowledge is to take the weekly knowledge test. Each week, we'll post a new quiz, with detailed feedback on ten of the most important facts on a topic.

Learn new skills

There is no shortage of advice on how to live your life, what skills you should learn and what habits to foster. Let us show you how to get one thing going this week that will improve your life.

Build healthy new habits

Felt like something's been holding you back? Not yet reached your full potential? Learn more about developing a growth mindset or just how to set and achieve your most important goals.

Online events and courses

We offer a number of online events and courses designed to teach you the skills that can increase your success at school and improve your well-being. Start with a brief 50 minute seminar on a range of topics or dive deep with a 12 week course.

Surveys and questionnaires

Our surveys and questionnaires will help you better understand who you are and what areas to build on. Every questionnaire provides you detailed feedback and recommendations.

Track your pathway to success

Our Pathway to Success SurveyTM can help you track your progress throughout the years. We'll provide you with detailed feedback twice a year to help you see your progress and zero-in on that next challenge.

The friday afternoon seminars

The Friday Afternoon Seminars on Learning and Wellbeing take place most Fridays from 1 to 2 pm (during the school year). This is one of the easiest ways to learn something new about how to improve your wellbeing, as well as enhance your performance at work or school.
Grab a coffee or tea, sit back and just listen.
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The science of learning and wellbeing

The Science of Learning and Wellbeing is a 12-week course designed to ensure that all students develop the skills needed to succeed at university, enjoy their studies and realize their full potential. 

The course is typically taken by students in their first semester but open to students during any year of their program. 

Find out what students are saying.

Are you ready for college and university?

Attending university and college is about finding out who you are and what you are good at, as well as meeting new people and working with others. But it is also about getting the work done and completing your degree. 

This 60 minute seminar (plus Q&A) will help both  students and parents prepare for university and college. 

Learn what you need to know.  

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