The Learning and Wellbeing Team is located at the University of Ottawa, in the nation’s capital. Our goal is to help people build the skills and habits that have been shown to improve performance at school and work and enhance well-being throughout the year.  You can contact the learning and wellbeing team at

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Dr. Santor is responsible for the oversight of all of the resources located on the Learning and Wellbeing websiteOver the past 25 years, Dr. Santor has delivered hundreds of workshops on mental health, well-being and learning to thousands of students, educators, parents and adults. He is a practising clinical psychologist and a faculty member at the University of Ottawa. 

The Learning and Wellbeing Team:


Stephanie Green (2021 –     ). Co-director, Project team leader
Samantha Shaw (2022 –     ). Co-director, Social media team leader
Darcy Santor, Founder and Director (2019 –    )

The contributions of several volunteers are acknowledged here:

Elena Calligeris (2022 –     )
Katrina Waytowich (2022 –    )  Content development
Stephanie Drouin (2021 –     )
Della Woodger (2022 –     )
Odessa Johnson (2021 –     )
Jin Bai (2021 –     )
Derek Calvert (2021 –     )
Amita Kaur (2022 –     ) Datawrapper graphics
Evelyn Mills (2022 –   ) Translation
Coralie Quesnel (2022 –      )  Translation

Past volunateers: 

Credits and restrictions:
The original concept for the Learning and Wellbeing project and website was developed by D. A. Santor and A. Hodzic. 
All images were acquired through a paid Shutterstock license. 
Materials on this website may be shared with others for personal use. Any and all other uses are restricted without written permission.

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