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We host a number of events and presentations throughout the year. We run live seminars on success and wellbeing at school, ultra-brief presentations on learning and wellbeing skills, and a 12-week course that will take you through all of the skills and research that support the importance of these skills. Starting in  2024, we will be releasing a brief 25-minute video, every Friday that will show you how you acquire and master one of some 50 skills. 

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Interested in a live event, both online or in person, please consult our calendar and register. All of our events are free.  Click here. 

The Science of Learning and Wellbeing 

Take a deep dive in to the skill and strategies you need to have to reduce your stress and get the grades you need. 
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Seminar on Success and Wellbeing  

We review the six most important skills in this 45-minute presentation. Everything you need to know to start doing your best.  Read more. 

Friday Afternoon Seminars on YouTube

Starting in 2024, we will release a 20-minute presentation each week, showing you how to acquire and master one of the fifty skills you need to reach your full potential and ensure that you manage your stress at school.  
Coming soon.

Habit Builder


The Habit Builder Workshop was designed by the Learning and Wellbeing Team to help you develop healthy, lasting habits. Whether it is developing a new lifestyle skill (e.g., eating better, sleeping better or getting more exercise) or improving a study (e.g., studying more, studying more efficiently) or a coping skill (e.g., relaxation breathing, mindfulness or fact-checking), we have you covered.  


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