Lecture #13: 
Goal setting and motivation
by Darcy A. Santor

Comprehensive reviews of studies examining the predictors of academic success at university and college have shown that “setting an absolute minimal goal” is one of the strongest predictors of success. In fact, studies show that goal setting is better than a number of other factors, including IQ — which is only the ninth most important predictor of success.

The are many reasons for why don’t reach our goals. Some of us have too much on the go and have difficulty prioritizing what really matters. Some of us haven’t worked out the long-term goals and have lost sight of what matters right now. Others procrastinate on getting done what needs to get done or just can’t push through the boredom and mental pain that sooner or later seems to set in. Whatever the reason is, the outcome is often the same – falling further and further behind and being left with the feeling that more could have been done.

In this lecture, you will learn how to clarify goals and align your day-to-day activities with those goals, as well as how to acquire the grit needed to push through and keep going.

Goal setting is difficult. It means putting things off that are often easier and a lot more fun, and it means making hard choices about what really matters most to you. It is easy to convince yourself that you still have time to turn it around and get things done. For a while, that’s true, but sooner or later goal setting is necessary — if you want to achieve what matters most in life. In this seminar, we will cover the basics of goal setting and can get you started on a new plan to realize the most important things to you in life.

Resources:  Please complete the worksheet and surveys before the next lecture.

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