Lecture #21: 
Dealing with discrimination and unfairness

by Darcy A. Santor | June 2022 

When was the last time you were treated unfairly, experienced discrimination, or were insulted or harassed because? Was it because of who you are or the group that you belong to? Or because of your ethnicity, race or orientation?

It is estimated that some 20% of students will experience some form of discrimination while at school and that even more will report that they felt they felt unfairly graded on some assignment, paper or test. Even more will report that they were graded unfairly on an assignment, paper or exam.

And it doesn’t stop there. More than a third of employees who are indigenous, people of colour, female or LGBTQ+ will report some form of discrimination in the workplace. In this lecture, you will learn about the important differences among bias, prejudice and discrimination, as well as what to do when you are treated unfairly at school. You will learn about microaggressions, as well as proven strategies to deal with discrimination both before it occurs as well as after it has happened.  

Resources:  Please download the worksheet before the seminar and complete the surveys after the seminar.

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