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Most students will start their classes not being as ready as they would like to be. Large-scale surveys of students entering university reveal showed that approximately 25% of students report academic difficulties with a variety of skills and abilities that they will need throughout their studies. These include difficiculties in several different domains, including time management, writing papers and preparing for tests. Approximately, one third (28%) of students reported difficulties in every area surveyed. This means that a very, very large number of students will be starting classess with at least a few study study deficits that they will need to address.  

The Study Habits Questionnaire measures a wide range of study skills that research has shown to predict academic success. In this survey, you will be asked about everything, from how you take notes and commit information to memory, to the strategies you use to manage your workloads and deal with anxiety during tests and exams. The interactive survey will provide you with three types of feedback both an overall total score, total scores within different domains of study skills, as well as item-by-item feedback on specific skills. After completing the survey, be sure to review results to determine what skills you have mastered and what skills you may wish to improve on further. 


It is important to keep in mind that skills can be acquired at any point in your studies. Many students arrive at university without a number of skills that may be expected to have already acquired. Not having learned a skill does not mean that you cannot or that it is too late. In most instances, these skills can be acquire with just a few weeks of effort. In fact, most students will experience some benefits immediate. 

What’s the next step? After you have reviewed your results and decided what skills to work on improving, look through the long list of skills which are located here.  If your results indicate that you could improve in a large number of areas, don’t worry. Most students have something to improve on, which is okay. Focus on the skills that you are really lacking and that are really important to you or your program of study. If you are not sure where to start, consider one of the following skills, which most students report are consistently helpful. These include:
Of course, there are dozens of other skills that you might consider. But start with just one or two, get those working for you, and then consider adding in a few more.

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