Test anxiety and exam readiness 

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Test anxiety is one of the top seven predictors of success at university. Although most students experience some anxiousness when preparing for exams, some 20% of students experience test anxiety so severe that it will significantly undermine your performance on tests by as much as an entire grade level (e.g., the difference between a B+ and an A-).  

The Test Anxiety and Preparedness Quiz measures the level of anxiety you experience during tests and exams and how well you are prepared for your tests and exams.  After taking the questionnaire, you will be provided with feedback on both your level of test anxiety as well as your level of exam readiness

Test anxiety:  High scores on this scale suggest that you are experiencing extremely high levels of test anxiety which are likely interfering with your ability to focus on writing tests and exams and that you would like to benefit from a number of strategies, such as relaxation breathing and fact-checking your doubts, worries, and negative thoughts.  

Lack of exam preparedness: High scores on this scale indicate a high level of unreadiness, which is likely to results in grades that are lower than your true potential. Not surprisingly, a high level of unpreparedness is likely to increase your level of test anxiety. You would benefit from adopting some proven study strategies such as scheduling, using flashcards and doing practice problems.  

Keep in mind:

Many students report never having learned any of the skills and strategies can reduce the amount of anxiousness they feel when writing tests and exams.  Although some level of test anxiety can be expected, high level of anxiety should be address. In some instances, strategies such as relaxation breathing and fact-checking are not enough on their own. If you experience persistent text anxiety that is not improving, you should consider consulting an academic coach or mental health professional. 

What do I do next?

After you have reviewed your results, there are a number of academic skills that can help you better prepare for tests and exams as well as a number of well being skills, such as relaxation breathing and fact-checking, that can help you mange the worries, doubts and what ifs that can interfere with tests and exams. 

However, the best place to start is our resource on how to write an exam. This is a step by step guide that will walk you through the keys strategies needed to tackle your worries, before, during and after the exam. 

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