Seminar #4: 
Dealing with doubts, worries and negative thoughts. 
by Darcy A. Santor | June 2022 

Researchers examining the contents of our thoughts have estimated that almost half (47%) of our thoughts are wandering thoughts that usually have little to do with the activity we are involved in. About half the time, we are thinking about something else.  

Although most people think about pleasant topics, most of the time, it is estimated that 26% of our thoughts are unpleasant and that an average person may have as many as 5000 negative thoughts over the course of a single year, more if you are dealing with depression or anxiety. 

That’s a lot of negative thinking. 

Doubting yourself is not necessarily a bad thing. The mere thought of jumping off a bridge doesn’t mean you would ever do it, and the occasional worry, doubt, or catastrophic “what-if” isn’t a big deal if it doesn’t last. Rather, it is when these worries, doubts and what-ifs turn into a never-ending wave of negativity, it will start to get in the way of you living your life and enjoying yourself, which if left unchecked can undermine your self-worth, erode good moods and increase your risk for depression.

This third seminar introduces you to the nature and impact of negative thoughts and about different types of negative thoughts and how to identify leaps and thinking traps in how you think about yourself, people you live and work with and the world around you. 

In this seminar, you will also learn about a number of evidence-based skills and strategies that have been used by mental health professionals to help people quickly and effectively manage their intrusive and negative thoughts. 

Resources:  Please download the worksheet before the seminar and complete the surveys after the seminar.

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