Seminar #2: 
Scheduling: The art of making it all fit
by Darcy A. Santor

One of the most frequent and significant challenges experienced by students in college and university is managing the enormous amount of work, while still finding time for friends, a good night’s sleep and a healthy meal. It is a challenge that doesn’t ever seem to let up. But, research shows that students who learn to schedule well can get good grades and still socialize regularly, maintain a fitness schedule and even hold down a part-time job.   

Finding that balance between getting your work done and having enough time for yourself is tricky, but it can be done. In this seminar, you will learn strategies to improve your scheduling and also learn about the extraordinary benefit that scheduling has for academic performance.     

Scheduling is about more than just putting in the hours; it is also about how efficiently you spread out your work through the week and how effectively you squeeze it in during the day. Studies have shown that effective scheduling will not only increase your grades and motivation but also reduce your stress and worry about school. 

Whether you are still at school or have already joined the workforce, scheduling is a life-long skills that can help you reach your full potential in any setting for years to come.       

Resources:  Please download the worksheet before the seminar and complete the surveys after the seminar.

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