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The goal of the Learning and Wellbeing Project is to help people improve their wellbeing and success throughout their lives.  Part of this involves building a variety of skills and habits that have been shown to improve performance at school and work as well as to enhance well-being throughout the year.  The other part of this involves helping people keep up today on the most important facts and findings that concern learning, success and wellbeing and providing them opportunities to learn something about themselves through interactive quizzes and questionnaires.

We make a good amount of content available to all visitors every month — articles, tips and strategies, as well as quizzes and questionnaires. However, we do need to cover the costs of developing and maintaining this resource. Individuals who would like to access all of the resources throughout the year should consider purchasing an individual or group membership. An individual subscription doesn’t cost much — less than $0.50 a week. 

The benefits of becoming a member:

An annual membership, whether an individual or group plan, gets you an enormous amount of content throughout the year. You get the content that we make available to everyone, some articles, tips and strategies, as well as the open access quizzes and questionnaires, but a membership give you access to free content throughout the entire year as well as access to premium content, including more quizzes and questionnaires, as well as including ultra-brief worksheets, recorded seminars and research summaries about what we have learned about success and wellbeing, throughout the year. 

Staying on top of updates

Whether or not you purchase a subscription, make sure that you stay up to date. Open access content is made available to everyone at no charge for two weeks. Members are informed about new content through Instagram and Facebook posts. Please click on one of the icons below to ensure that you don’t miss new content that is posted each week.  

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To start your subscription just click on the link below.  You will be directed to our Memberful page, where we manage all memberships. If you would like to register everyone in your organization, email us about a group plan. We’ll provide you with a group registration code that will allow individuals within your team, group, class or school to register without purchasing an individual plan.

Early adopter discounts – FREE until September 2023

For a limited period of time, you can register for an annual membership now and try out all of our content at no charge until September 2023, when we will launch individual and group memberships. 

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