Survey and Quizzes
Launching in September 2022

Surveys and Quizzes

Our surveys and questionnaires were designed to achieve a number of goals, namely to foster the acquisition of skills taught through our seminars, courses and brief worksheets, to increase knowledge about important topics in health, mental health and learning, and to help people learn something about themselves — their strengths, the nature and sources of their difficulties, and whether or not those difficulties warrant reaching out for help or treatment.  Each of the surveys and questionnaires are accompanied by detailed feedback designed to help you identify opportunities for improvement and consolidate gains you have made. 

The lectures, seminars and worksheets on the importance and impact of sleep are, for example, accompanied by a series of interactive questionnaires, designed to help you determine whether  the quality of your sleep and sleep habits are adequate, identify the different factors that may be diminishing the quality of your sleep and to inform you whether or not you are using all of the tips, strategies and recommendations that have been shown to be beneficial.  

These surveys and questionnaires are located within the following four sections, namely academic questionnaires, wellbeing surveys, mental health screeners and knowledge tests. 

Academic Questionnaires

These questionnaires will help you identify your strengths and challenges, as well as your learning styles and level grit, and the type of procrastinator you are. 
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Wellbeing and personal growth 

These questionnaires and surveys will help you learn about and improve your own levels of wellbeing. Identify sources of stress, learn new ways to be mindful, and discover new things about yourself. Read more. 

Mental Health Screeners

Not sure if it time to get some help? Think your concentration problems might actually be ADHD. Try one of these screening tools to help take the next step.  
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Knowledge Tests

Coming in December 2022

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