Academic surveys

Academic surveys and questionnaires

Here are a number of academic surveys and questionnaires that you may find helpful. These survey examine a number of different aspects of learning.  

Each of these surveys and questionnaires is accompanied by detailed feedback and results. Access to these questionnaires may require an access code or an annual subscription. We will be adding new interactive surveys and questionnaires each week. 

Growth mindset quiz

The mindset you adopt towards your studies might be one of the things holding you back. Find out if you have a fixed or growth mindset.  

Study habits questionnaire

Find out whether you are using the most efficient and effective strategies that have been shown to improve your performance in school. 

Academic difficulties

Most students don’t feel ready when they arrive at school. Find out what difficulties might be holding you back. Read more.

Out of gas and disengaged? 

This questionnaire will help you identify the type of academic disengagement you are dealing with and whether you are experiencing academic burnout.   


Everyone puts things off from time to time. Find out how bad your procrastination is and why you are putting things off. 

What type of stress do you have?

Do you have more stress as worry or stress as load? Take the Stress Quiz and get started on tackling the rising levels of stress in your life.
Read more. 

Grit questionnaire:

Grit is the ability to keep going even when you are bored, tired or discouraged. Find out how much academic GRIT you have and how to get more. 

Failure coping style quiz:

People react to failure in different ways, some better than others. Find out how you deal with failure — do you keep going, ask for help or run?

What are your learning goals?

Students take courses for different reasons — master the materials, outperform others, or just avoid failure. Find out what what type of goals you have and why they matter. 

Threats to studying quiz

There are dozens of things that can get in the way of stuyding. This questionnaire will help you target what threats you need to work on eliminating first. 

Test anxiety and readiness quiz?

Find out if you are ready for your exams and whether your test anxiety is higher than most students. 

Setback quiz

This questionnaire will help you identify where things went wrong. Was it a lack of readiness, too little sleep, or a lack of focus.  

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