Wellbeing surveys

Wellbeing and personal growth surveys

All of the various well-being surveys will be located on this page.  Some of these surveys will always be free to use. But as with other content, well-being surveys are made available to everyone for the two weeks in which they are launched. Thereafter we require a membership to access the content. 

The goal of the wellbeing surveys help people learn about their wellbeing, this includes what kind of stress they are experiencing, their source of self-worth, or their different rolls in relationships.  

The Good Life quiz:

Contemporary psychologists, such as Martin Seligman, believe that there are five domains that contribute to your overall wellbeing and happiness. What are yours? Read more.

Character strengths quiz:
Character strengths are what make each person unique. They motivate us and energize us unlike anything else. Learn about your character strengths and unleash your inner potential. 

Grit questionnaire:

The end of the term is still weeks away, but you are already running out of gas. Whether you are bored, tired or starting to wonder why you are doing any of this, learn how to motivate yourself and build grit . 

Growth mindset quiz:

A growth mindset is an essential part of lifelong wellbeing and a key component of reaching your full potential. Find out if you have a growth mindset and learn how to get more. Take the quiz.  

Failure coping style quiz:

People react to failure in different ways, some better than others. Find out how you deal with failure — do you keep going, ask for help or run?

The mindfulness questionnaire

Mindfulness is a number of unique skills that starts with being able to breathe and be aware of the present moment.  Find out how you score on the Five Factor Mindfulness scale. 

What type of stress do you have?

Do you have more stress as worry or stress as load? Take the Stress Quiz and get started on tackling the rising levels of stress in your life. Read more.  

Sleep quality and threats quiz:

Find out how your quality of sleep compares to others and what your greats threats to a good night sleep are.  

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